General House Rules

These are Rules or Standard Operating Procedures developed over the years specific to the Colfax Rotary Club which are not expressed or covered by the By-Laws.

  1. The Meal Deal is required for active members. The Board can provide exceptions to this rule.
  2. Discussion of your business is discouraged during meetings. The Sergeant at Arms has been known to fine such activities.
  3. Each Active member will be responsible for providing the program for the meeting assigned to him or her in the bulletin. The use of political candidates as program speakers is strongly discouraged prior to the primary election. The club will have a single program that will be a political forum for all candidates between the primary election and the general election. Programs that promote/advertise your business or charity are not permitted. Programs that promote Rotary Projects/Activities are strongly encouraged. The Program Chairman is responsible for and pays for the guest speaker's meal. If there are more than two speakers or persons involved in the program the Program Chairman should coordinate the program with the President for club participation in meal costs.
  4. Members pay for their guests' meals.
  5. Prospective members are club guests provided sponsoring member submits a nomination form to the secretary before the meeting.
  6. Sergeant at Arms has great flexibility in assessing fines.Mandatory Functions are those functions that require 100% participation by the membership. A stiff fine will result for not participating. Additional mandatory functions can be designated by the board of directors because of the circumstances of that particular year's calendar. Mandatory Functions include: Little League Breakfast, Palouse Empire Fair, Pool Painting
  7. The club will consider requests for financial assistance for community activities, school extra-curricular activities, etc. Requests for individual assistance will generally not be approved. Individual ambassadorial activities may be considered by allowing the individual to collect individual member contributions at a meeting.
  8.  There are two classifications of Members: Active and Honorary.
  9. The Club will donate $100 to the Permanent Fund of Rotary Foundation in memory of an active or senior active member or spouse thereof that dies while a member. A donation of $50 will be made in memory of a parent of an active or senior active member when they die. The members are requested to keep the club treasurer posted when a parent dies
  10. Members of the Board of Directors and Officers are urged to attend the Spring Assembly. The District requires that the President, the President-Elect and Secretary attend

Approved by the Board of Directors, August 1996 and modified 2005 when Rotary International set Definition of Members.
Reapproved by board August 2, 2012

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